Case Management

Case management is a major part within CRM and Absalon add-on contains additional functionality which works well with existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM components. By gathering all the functionality in the same place, in the CRM, you utilize already existing information about customers, contacts, and activities.

Processes and functionalities
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Follow-up on contractual commitments for SLA
  • Case registration with automatic update of entitlement terms, e.g. number of cases or hours, according to agreement
  • Business Process Flow with guiding steps in order to complete the support process
  • Cases automatically created based on in-coming email
  • Support for case management through queues, and automatic routing of cases to queues
Absalon add-on
  • Dynamic defined process for case management and follow-up. Here you can have one or more processes at the same time, to adapt the work for each unique case.
  • Possibilities to do time reports on projects and/or cases
  • Case management within projects
  • Possibility to continuously follow up aggregated statuses of open cases through graphs, views and dashboards
  • Possibility to build a knowledge database based on recurring problems
User experience
  • Simple and easy to use web interface
  • Clear responsibilities for users in the process
  • Full integration with Outlook contacts and activities
  • Good follow-up possibilities with graphs and views, for cases as well as users
  • Possibilities for follow-up that suits your organization