The marketing module in Microsoft Dynamics CRM is, together with Absalon CRM, covering marketing lists, customer categorization, account plans, event management and more.

Processes and functionalities
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Support and registration of marketing activities for reporting, follow up and management
  • Marketing lists: Create dynamic marketing lists, that update subsequently, as well as static marketing lists. Full Outlook integration with mailing possibilities straight from the marketing lists.
  • Create process support for your marketing activities, both simple and complex ones
Absalon add-on
  • Categorization of customers based on needs of the organization and the area such as industry, sector or geography
  • Event Management, gather all the information in one place. Contacts as event participants and their status at the event, check list for the event, document management through SharePoint
  • Training Management with courses and participants, reuse data you previously created
Microsoft add-on products for marketing
  • With Microsoft Social Listening you have the possibility to capture activities on social media, arrange searches based on key words and visualize in nice dashboards with graphs and lists
  • Dynamics Marketing gives you the possibility to take care of digital marketing, like newsletters and leads generation, with automation if you like
User experience
  • Full integration with Outlook contacts and activities
  • Good follow-up possibilities with graphs and views
  • Consistently easy to use interface