Project Management

The module for project management in Absalon CRM gather all information at the one place, where everybody has access to the same material and receives the latest updates. By gathering all the functionality in the same place, in the CRM, you utilize already existing information about customers, contacts, and activities.

Processes and functionalities
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Integration with Outlook activities, track emails and other activities in your projects
  • Integration to SharePoint for document management
Absalon add-on
  • Start from one of your predefined project model
  • Add project activities for each unique project
  • With the ability to follow the people who are relevant to the project
  • Spread the responsibility on project activities and project logs
  • Time reporting on projects and/or project activities
  • Do follow-up on the budget and hours towards activities and timesheets
  • - Analyze and visualize through views, graphs and dashboards
User experience
  • Access to the same information with the possibility of access control through security roles
  • Connect to SharePoint for an integrated experience
  • Visualize to illustrate the project's success or warning signs
  • Simple time reporting