Resource Planning

With Absalon resource planning, resources can be booked for projects in different plans. Statistics and data for the plans are clear and you can follow the progress of work. By gathering all the functionality in the same place, in the CRM, you utilize already existing information about customers, contacts, and activities.

Processes and functionalities
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Integration with Outlook activities, track emails and other activities in your projects
  • Integration to SharePoint for document management
Absalon add-on
  • Support for multiple simultaneous resource plans with the same or different resource members
  • Save time by copying a resource allocation over time
  • Duplicate resource allocations for faster input
  • Use the built-in graphs to follow allocations as tools to plan for the future and utilize resources maximum
  • Resource allocation to projects and project activities
User experience
  • The user interface is familiar from other parts of the CRM, instant buttons and custom components make your work easier and graphs provide an instantaneous updated picture of the resource plan.