Absalon add-on extends the sales module developed from the already well-defined sales support that comes with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With Absalon add-on the updating of data goes even faster, and administration time is reduced.

Processes and functionalities
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Business Process Flow with guiding steps in order to complete the sales process
  • Track meetings and emails to your sales activities
Absalon add-on
  • Dynamic sales processes, helping you to follow the sales processes that apply to you
  • Support for several simultaneous sales processes
  • With Absalon add-on it’s easy to follow which customers you have contacted (and not contacted) for a certain period of time
  • Customer Plans for targeted customer strategy on activity level with follow-up possibilities
  • Opportunities to follow up recurring income over time
User experience
  • Full integration with Outlook contacts and activities
  • Good follow-up possibilities with graphs, views and dashboards
  • Quick update of progressive sales processes