Life Sciences

Each industry has unique challenges, opportunities and processes. The Absalon CRM add-on has been developed and pre-configured for the life science and its related verticals.


There are several trends within life science;

Market trends

  • Patients are becoming better informed
  • Patients are picking up a bigger share of the bill
  • Demand for personalized medicine is increasing
  • Patients want cures, not treatments
  • The emerging markets are becoming more important

Health & Healthcare trends

  • The burden of – and bill for – chronic disease is soaring
  • Healthcare payers are establishing treatment protocols
  • Pay-for-performance is on the rise
  • The boundaries between different forms of care are blurring
  • Financial constraints on payers are increasing

Scientific & Technological trends

  • R&D is becoming more virtualised
  • The research base is shifting to Asia
  • Remote monitoring is improving rapidly


The different trends within Life Science are followed by several implications for the industry.

Pharma will need to go “beyond the medicine”

  • Pharma will be paid for outcomes, not products
  • Outcomes data will drive healthcare policy
  • Prevention will gain a higher healthcare profile
  • Pharma will need to offer “medicineplus” packages of care
  • Pharma will have to adoptmore flexible pricing strategies

R&D will need to go beyond the lab

  • Pharma will need access to outcomes data
  • Pharma will have to work with technology vendors to virtualise R&D
  • Pharma will need a wider, more multi-disciplinary skills base
  • Pharma will need to expand its presence in Asia
  • Pharma will need to demonstrate “real” value-for-money

The Pharma and Healthcare value chains will become much more intertwined

  • Pharma will have to work more closely with the regulators
  • Pharma will have to collaborate with payers and providers to perform continuous trials
  • Pharma will have to collaborate with numerous service providers to deliver packages of care

With our experience from the life science industry we are well aware of the industry challenges and it is our mission to support organizations within life sciences and make them successful in their work with sales, resources, projects, workforce, installations etc.

Examples of true CRM-support for Life Science, which Absalon CRM is providing:

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Opportunity/Pipeline Management
  • Case Management
  • Campaign and Event Management with advanced segmentation
  • Key Account Management
  • Sales Force & Territory Management
  • Project Management & Time Report
  • Resource Management
  • Installation Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Workforce Management
  • Training Management